Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike Review

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The Schwinn 230 recumbent bike offers an affordable and reasonably reliable way to get low-impact exercises at the comfort of your home.

It’s a slimmed version of the higher-end Schwinn 270 model, and though a budget option, it comes with everything you need to get tones and lose weight.

Between the comfy seating position, diverse workout programs, dual LCD screens, and more, the Schwinn 230 is feature-packed bike that is going to serve all your fitness needs just like other bikes featured in our best exercise bikes reviews.

In the Schwinn 230 recumbent bike review below, we shall look at everything you need to know about this model, and hopefully, by the end, you’ll decide whether it’s right for you.

22 Exercise Programs

Schwinn 230 consists of 22 programs, and though a tad lower than the 29 we had earlier seen on the 270, I’ve to admit for a budget option, it’s still a decent number. In any case, few, if any, bikes within its class offer these programs.

With these programs, you get 9 profile workouts that automate the resistance and the overall level of the workout.

Generally speaking, these workout components are going to ensure that boredom finds no place in you.

That said, one of my favorite programs is the heart rate control.

And the Schwinn has eight of them; 4 for the beginner and 4 for the advanced level users.

20 Levels of Resistance

Schwinn 230 comes with 20 distinct resistance levels, which is more than you would need for you to workout sufficiently at home.

With such a diverse resistance level, the Schwinn will easily give you the perfect workout experience and control over the intensity of your workouts.

But what I loved about the resistance on this bike is that it’s offered by a magnetic resistance system, which I find good for two reasons.

For starters, it doesn’t require the same level of resistance, such as the padded resistance does. Secondly, it’s noiseless, and so a perfect option for those working out in a shared space.


Admittedly, the manufacturer has drastically shrunk this console, but the good news is, they’ve not omitted any of the essential components.

That said, the console on his model is highly functional and will allow you to set the program you want to follow.

The stand out feature, however, was the Dual Display that includes a ledge on the front for placing a tablet or phone.

With the dual-display option, it becomes easier to see all your metrics, including calories burned pulse rate, distance covered, heart rate, goals, workout indicator, and more.


  • Weight capacity- 300 pounds
  • Weight- 82 pounds
  • Dimension-64” by 27.7”
  • Resistance- Magnetic resistance
  • Drive System – 13.2 lb Flywheel

Unique Features That Make Schwinn 230 Interesting


Sporting a steel frame construction, the Schwinn 230 is as solid as it can get.

Frame aside, the overall build on this model screams of sturdiness and quality build.

A testimony to the build quality, this bike comes with a weight capacity of 300 pounds, tying up with some of the more expensive and premium options.


With a dimension of 64” by 27.7”, it’s a tad larger than the 270, but still within the normal range of exercise bike footprints.

The 230 will easily fit, even in compact spaces, but it’s advisable to add an extra 20” when calculating the footprint in your place.

Unfortunately, despite the relatively larger footprint, this model isn’t ideal for users above 6’2”, but this common with all the exercise bikes in the market.

While still at it, it would be worth mentioning that this bike weighs 82 pounds; it’s no lightweight, but still within the acceptable weight limit.


Speaking of weight, the 230 comes with a 13 pounds flywheel.

We’ve to admit it’s pretty light, and if you’re an aggressive rider as I am, you’re bound to get disappointed.

But the good news is, recumbent bikes are rarely used for high-intensity training where heavier flywheels are crucial.

Again, the weight is still at par with what a majority of the bikes offer, and if anything, most of the regular users are satisfied with the overall performance of this model.


The first thing you’ll notice on this bike is the vented and contoured seats for optimal comfort and free-flow of air.

Unfortunately, the seat isn’t padded- just naked plastic.

While some of the users complained about this, others don’t mind. In my case, however, I prefer an added seat.

Moving on, the backrest isn’t adjustable, but at this price range, I would expect more. At least the backrest is sturdy and even better; it comes with built-in lumbar support.

The seat, however, is adjustable along a horizontal frame, and this improves the overall flexibility, allowing you to set the seat to your preferred distance from the pedals.

Finally, the walk-through design was a welcome, and now, seniors and those with joint mobility issues will have an easier time climbing on and off the bike.

Overall, we’ve to admit that comfort needs some improvement, and we would like to see some changes, especially the addition of set padding.

Nonetheless, the bike works well, and Schwinn must have seen our memo because the upgraded Schwinn 270 comes with a padded seat.


Schwinn 230 comes with a single-piece crank that seems to hold up pretty well even when paddling at varying resistance and intensity.

While they might not be as strong as the 3-piece cranks we saw earlier in the 270, we find the pedals and the crank arms firm, and they don’t easily flex.

What We Liked About The Schwinn 230

  • Two User Profiles: Sporting 2 user profiles, the 230 is an easy one to share. Each user can easily save their workout information, personal data, and custom program without interfering with the other user.
  • Noiseless operation: Using a magnetic resistance, the 230 is quiet, and will allow you to use it without disturbing other family members.
  • 3-Speed fan:  The a system keeps you cool during your workout sessions
  • Handlebars:  The two pairs of handlebars are ergonomic and promote the overall ease of use and comfort of the riding experience

What We Didn’t Like About The Schwinn 230

  • Bluetooth: Unfortunately, the 230 doesn’t provide Bluetooth Connectivity, and so, you can’t sync your performance with the Schwinn trainer app since it requires the use of Bluetooth connection.

Bottom Line & Verdict

Schwinn 230 is more than a decent piece of exercise bike.

It has all the features and components you need to take your exercising regime to the next level.

In particular, this model will appeal to beginners who are just getting into fitness training.

Also, with the walk-through frame, the Schwinn 230 appeals to the seniors or those with mobility issues due to age, injuries, or any disability.

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