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The Schwinn AD Pro is a professional upright bike, which pretty much meets all the requirements of a gym fitness machine.

Being a top model, the AD Pro offers several upgrades over the AD6, including the addition of 9 workout programs that the AD6 doesn’t have.

Generally, this model is constructed with commercial-grade components suitable for higher intensity training making it one of the best upright exercise bikes.

Uniquely, however, The AD Pro Airdyne leverages on the iconic Schwinn air resistance for improved performance.

So, whether you’re looking to bring your workouts to new levels, or require a perfect total body workout cardio machine for your home, the new Schwinn AD Pro Airdyne is the perfect machine.

Enough with the ramble, now let’s dive deep in the AD Pro abyss in our Schwinn AD Pro exercise bike review below.

What Makes Schwinn AD Pro Airdyne Awesome!

Air Resistance

A common complaint with a majority of the exercise bikes is they don’t offer enough resistance to be challenging.

In any case, after using the bike for a while, you’re usually topped out at the highest resistance with no room to grow.

9 Pre-Programmed Workouts

Another distinctive feature on the Schwinn AD Pro is the presence of 9 pre-programmed workouts.

These workouts, which are based on interval and target goal programs, will give you more control intensity of training, while adding some challenge to your workouts.

Small Footprint

Like a majority of the exercise bikes, the Schwinn AD Pro isn’t a bulky fitness machine.

When completely assembled, this bike only takes 53″L x 26.5″W of your floor space. But of course, to use the bike optimally and without hindrance, it’s required that you leave at least 2 feet of clearance around it.

That said, when the Schwinn is compared to other treadmills in the market, you’ll see that it takes up less storage space, and this is why it’s a popular option for users with smaller rooms and apartments.


  • Type: Stationary
  • Resistance: Infinite
  • Programs: 9
  • Weight Capacity: 350 LBS
  • Dimensions: 42″ L x 20″ W x 52″ H

Unique Features That Make The Schwinn AD Pro Airdyne Interesting


More often than not, the design of exercise bikes is manifested through the overall construction and nature of the frame.

And with the Schwinn AD Pro, you get an extremely sturdy steel frame that will meet all your training needs.

The frame is quite sturdy, and it offers a generous weight capacity of 350 pounds, which I found quite ideal for many users.

However, I’ve to admit the metal construction makes this model a bit bulky, and with a weight of 113 pounds, it’s not a lightweight model. But the good thing is, this heftiness is a plus because, as I found out, it adds lots of stability to the assembled bike. 


Speaking of stability, the AD Pro is quite a sturdy model; besides the weight factor, the stability of this unit is further bolstered by the presence of adjustable levelers on both sides of the bases.

These levelers make it easier for users to achieve perfect stability, regardless of the type of flooring.


Comforts at its best, the Schwinn AD Pro, is equipped with several features that promote the overall comfort of the performance of this bike.

To begin with, this bike is equipped with a fairly large and cushioned seat.  The upholstery on the seat is a combo of synthetic material and durable vinyl for the ultimate comfort. Further, the seat sports a longitudinal groove for promoting optimal airflow.


The Schwinn is a highly adjustable exercise bike that makes it highly versatile and ideal for use by several users.

The seat, for instance, is mounted in such a way that it allows both vertical and horizontal adjustment, thus providing users with sufficient room for the perfect seating position.

Secondly, rather than having static handles as we normally witness on other bikes, Schwinn features mobile handlebars with different adjustment capabilities. Thus this exercise bike can accommodate the various bikes users, ideally those between 5’0″ and 6’7″ comfortably.

Finally, the armbar on this bike allows multiple grips, which I found quite handy as it allows users to put a bit of diversity in their workouts.

Speaking of diversity, we can’t fail to mention the presence of the footpegs and the footstep pad. 

Similar to the Sunny SF-B2706 and Marcy Air 1, these two features help to add more diversity to your bike, especially when you only want to exercise by using the handlebars.

While the footpegs are generally associated with the spin bikes, their presence on this bike means it becomes easier to transform this upright bike into a spin bike to support several spin workouts.

Resistance and Drive

As we hand mentioned earlier, Schwinn AD Pro is dependent on air resistance, and so, it lacks the Eddy Current Magnetic Resistance, a feature we had seen in our earlier Schwinn 270 review.

Rather, the AD Pro relies on the custom 26-inch blade fan to generate a dynamic response resistance. In other words, it means the resistance on this bike gradually increases on how fast you cycle.

And so, it’s easy to see why this bike is suitable for a variety of riders as it easily meets all their cycling and training needs.


The AD Pro features an advanced console, segmented into two main displays; one is a tachometer, while the large one at the bottom shows the workout program data.

I find the large console quite handy in displaying the various workout metrics such as calories burned, sprint time, recovery data, heart rate metrics, volume, and more. 

What We Like About Schwinn AD Pro

  • Fan Air Resistance: The resistance on this model supports infinite levels of resistance, and you build your speed, so does the wheel tension increase.
  • Breezy: The fan resistance serves more than improving the performance, but it similarly generates a constant breeze during use, thus helping to keep the rider cool.
  • Versatile: The Airdyne Pro features an adjustable seat and mount handle that helps a wide range of riders to find a comfortable fit.
  • Built-in fitness programs: The nine pre-set workout programs for various fitness levels will help to make the best out of your workout sessions.
  • Small size:  The small footprint provided by this exercise bikes makes it easier for users to use and store the SD Pro even in their apartments.

What We Didn’t Like About The Schwinn AD Pro

  • Noise: As a majority of the air resistance bikes, this model is generally noisier compared to the full magnetic bikes. To have an idea of the level of noise, the bike’s noise resembles that of a rotating fan.

Bottom Line & Verdict

The Schwinn Airdyne Pro is designed to accommodate the needs of almost anyone, regardless of their body size, physical strength, or even the desired level of workout intensity.

This exercise bike earns great reviews, and it should provide you with an extended service for many years to come.

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