Best Hybrid bikes under 300

Best Hybrid Bikes Under $300 of 2022

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Top 7 Best Hybrid Bikes Under $300

  1. Hiland City Commuter Bike with Rear Rack and Lights (Editor’s Choice)
  2. The sixthreezero EVRYjourney Hybrid Bike (Runner Up)
  3. Raleigh Bikes Alysa Women’s Urban Fitness Bike (Also Good)
  4. Vilano Retro City Commuter
  5. Hiland Road City Bike
  6. The sixthreezero Reach Your Destination Hybrid Bike
  7. Schwinn Wayfarer Adult Bike Hybrid

Hybrid bikes have been a big deal ever since their initial debut. Built based on design and performance ideas picked from mountain, road, and touring bikes, no other type handles a mixture of terrains better than hybrid bike does.

A hybrid bike will handle whatever path you ride it on, from local roads to gravel canal paths. Plus, they’ll handle long distance riding just fine without scratching your butts.

And here’s the kicker: 

The most expensive models in this class of bikes aren’t the only versatile options. Some cost a fraction of price and perform well just like the high-end models do.

 So let’s look at the best hybrid bicycles below 300 dollars.

Hybrid Bike Under $300 Reviews

Hiland City Commuter Bike with Rear Rack and Lights (Editor’s Choice)

Hiland City Commuter Bike inherits the vintage design of some traditional bikes. Yet it’s lightweight and versatile enough to serve its purpose. To be clear, this isn’t a sports bike, although it’s fine to use if you want to maintain your physical fitness, only you won’t get the kind of impact you’d get if you used an exercise bike.

In general, the Hiland is a commuter bike to consider if you want to move around on a bike. It’s the perfect alternative to walking, driving a car, or taking a cab. Going for under $200, with a four-star rating for build and performance, this bike is a go to option if you’re into serious commuting.

From what we understand, Hiland sports a strong steel frame. While this means the bike is somewhat heavy, the material makes the two-wheeler sturdy, reliable, and durable. The black color with blue stickers gives Hilda some aesthetic appeal, but we’ll leave it to you to decide if it looks good enough.

Hilda doesn’t include a suspension fork, and honestly we don’t expect that from any hybrid bikes at this price point. But at least the front and rear wheels have fenders, which keep dust particles to their minimum.

This moves at a regular speed, so there’s nothing to say about a gear system because it doesn’t have one at all. How fast you can ride depends on how fast you pedal.

At least the wheels don’t have a high rolling resistance, so it’s easy to ride a bit fast. And the bike has V brakes, which give you the maximum stopping power to control the speed of the bike.

The sixthreezero EVRYjourney Hybrid Bike (Runner Up)

The sixthreezero EVRYjourney is a performance optimized hybrid bike, an ideal option for commuting in the city streets and on open roads. It’s a one-color bike, no stickers added on it, no company logo, but it’s still noticeable from a distance thanks to the shining rims.

It’s possible to assume that the bike is sport, but clearly the design is only regular, making the model only ideal for commuting, not sports cycling.

This bike features a steel metal frame with a black matte finish, a comfortable saddle mounted on an adjustable seat post, a bike stand on the left side near the crank, and a rear seat for carrying items of your choice.

The bike’s 7-speed system isn’t enough to get you tearing through hilly terrains with ease. But they’re enough to get you riding faster.

When you’re late for work or school, or you need to catch up with an appointment or an event, and a bike is all you need to get there, this commuter bike is worth the consideration. The Shimano shifters allows for smooth shifting from one gear to another, so you can switch without taking your eyes off the road.

Then there’s the braking system, which is quite basic at its best yet effective for this kind of bike. In other words, the front and rear handbrakes give you sufficient stopping power to control the 7-speed system with ease.

From multiple performance test, the sixthreezero EVRYjourney hybrid bike has proven to be quite effective on different roads. It won’t do well on rugged terrains, but it will ride well on dirt trails and feels smooth in the city streets.

While the seat post is adjustable to a reasonable height, this bike is still not a good option for riders 5 feet an blow.

Raleigh Bikes Alysa Women’s Urban Fitness Bike (Also Good)

If we’re to say something outstanding about Raleigh Alysa women’s urban fitness bike right now, then it’s this:

The bike offers the riding position of a mountain bike and the right riding speed of an actual road bike. But these two attributes aren’t the only ones that make this bike stand out from the crowd.

The teal aluminum frame, with the brand’s logo printed just about the crank, gives Alysa an outstandingly rich look. It also means the bike is lightweight, at only 22.1 pounds after full assembly.

Raleigh Alysa’s custom-butted tubing, which slopes down slightly, makes for an easy step on and step out. And given that it comes in 3 frame sizes, this bike is suitable for women of different heights.

You’ll notice that the handlebar is flat and wide, with a slight rise of about 15 millimeters. That means you get comfort and stability, particularly when cycling on pavements and dirt paths.

Equipped with Kenda Kwick Tendril tires of the lowest rolling resistance, the Alysa is the urban fitness bike that you can ride without pumping your lungs out too much. Plus, the tires have a decent width, not to mention a uniform tread profile that grips different terrains, including the most slippery ones.

While we know that Raleigh equips its bikes with high-speed gear systems, it’s a different case with Alysa.

This model has 7-speed options, which isn’t bad for a hybrid bike anyway. The Shimano’s Reva shifters allows for smooth transition from one speed option to another, making it easy for you to switch on the fly.

Then there’s the V brakes build, which is strong enough to give you the stopping power you need to control Alysa’s speed.

Vilano Retro City Commuter

Vilano designs some of the best, easy-to-ride hybrid bikes for women, and their Retro is one of the all-purpose city commuters that you can buy at the price point.

With the handlebars raised a few millimeters above the padded saddle, the Retro guarantees a reliable sitting position for short and long distance commuting.

This doesn’t come with a rear rack, so you’ll need to buy one separately if you intend to use the bike to carry items from time to time.

On built, the frame of this bike is made of the same hi ten steel used to design the men’s Retro model. The construction makes the bike strong enough to accommodate as much as 300 pounds.

Steel is, of course, somewhat heavy, so expect the weight of this bike to be higher than the Vilano models that have aluminum frame build.

You’ll love the Vilano Retro City Commuter’s speed system. Built up to scratch, the 7-speed system gives you the option to ride at a reliable speed without pedaling your bike too much.

Of course, the speed you choose depends on the kind of terrain you have to deal with. The system features twist grip shifter, which allows you to change from one gear to another effectively.

The linear pull brakes may not be as powerful as hydraulic and mechanical pull brakes. But they’re still sufficient and effective for a city commuter bike. In other words, they give you enough stopping power to control the speed of the bike whenever you need to stop.

Vilano Retro’s free platform pedals are long and wide enough, providing a decent surface area for your feet. And provided you wear the right cycling shoes, you should be able to get the right stability when pedaling the bike. 

Because the pedals turn easily without too much push, you can expect an exceptional riding performance overall.

Hiland Road City Bike

If you’re in the market for a reliably strong and well-built city bike for your next adventure in the city, go with Hiland Road City Bike. It doesn’t feature more than a speed, so it won’t be reliable on moderately steep terrain.

But it’s a good enough option for commuting in the city and smooth dirt trails.

Hiland uses steel to design the frame of most its bikes, and that’s exactly what they’ve used for this one. They’ve trimmed the weight down quite a bit without compromising the quality of the build.

And at 25.9 pounds, this is sure more lightweight than some models in its class of hybrid bikes under 300.

While this city bike is strong and durable, it has a weight limit beyond which it wouldn’t be performance efficient. The steel frame can handle a maximum rider’s weight of 230 pounds.

The saddle is well padded for comfort, and the seat post is very easy to adjust.

We’re assuming that Hiland must have played around with a few brake types before settling on a model for this bike. That’s because some Hiland road city bikes features caliper brakes and some models have disc brakes.

You can read more about disc brakes here.

In general, the brakes give you the stopping power that you need to control the speed of the bike. Unlike other bike options, like the Vilano Retro and Raleigh Hybrid bikes, this model only has a single speed, which is why it’s only effective for city street riding.

It’s not mountain friendly, so don’t take it to hilly regions because it simply won’t perform.

You even have various color options to choose. From black and mint to white and green, go for an appearance that makes you feel like you’re riding in style.

The sixthreezero Reach Your Destination Hybrid Bike

For a moment, sixthreezero felt like a brand specialized in designing bikes only suitable for women. But the entrance of the Reach Your Destination tells a completely different story.

Built specifically for men, this hybrid bike shows that the brand cares to give both genders an exceptional bike riding experience.

To begin with, the frame features an aluminum build, which is one of the most common materials in the brand’s resource list. The black powder finish gives it a fine element resistant look, and the quality of the build makes the bike undeniably strong. 

However, the aluminum used is somewhat heavy. With the weight standing at 38 pounds, the Reach Your Destination is heavier than some steel frame bikes in the hybrids category.

Fitted with rear and front fenders, this sixthreezero, this bike won’t splatter dirt to your cycling clothes when you ride on muddy paths. The rear rack is a good addition that allows you to carry cargos to your destination, only make sure you aren’t putting too much on it than necessary.

The Reach Your Destination is much better than Hiland City Commuter in terms of speed. With a 7-speed external derailleur, this is the bike to ride if you want to cover longer distances with the least effort possible.

Equipped with front and rear handbrakes, controlling the speed of the bike, even when cycling at top speed, is easy.

The saddle is not only padded but also has a large sitting area, so you can ride faster and further without stressing your butts. The seat post is adjustable to fit riders of different heights, but you may need a little effort to push it upwards.

Schwinn Wayfarer Adult Bike Hybrid

Schwinn has been our favorite bike brand from the very beginning. We’re happy that it has a hybrid bike model that offers a comfortable ride.

The bike’s steel retro frame is strong and durable, but quite heavy for a performance bike. At 42 pounds, the Wayfarer Adult bike fits seniors who don’t want to ride at neck breaking speed.

The Schwinn 7-speed rear derailleur makes the bike easy to propel. Not to mention includes speed twist shifters that allow quick gear changes.

The bike is equipped with front and linear pull up brakes, which give you the stopping power to control the speed of your bike when you must.

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