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What Is a Freecoaster? Everything You Need To Know

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Many bikes have freecoasters, but what is it exactly? Why is a freecoaster considered an essential part of any BMX bicycle?

This article will answer the question “What is a freecoaster?” and discuss how they work and the advantages of using one.

What Is a Freecoaster?

A freecoaster is a hub that allows you to pedal backward without turning every which way. It’s the thing that lets you coast without pedaling.

This makes it so much easier when going long distances and looking behind while pedaling– perfect for those times where 180 feels like too much effort!

Freecoasters also have a very distinct sound to them, which makes it easy for you to hear if the bike is coasting or not. If you can’t tell, it’s probably because the bike has a cassette. If the sound is choppy sounding but consistent, then your freecoaster isn’t working!

A BMX freecoaster is used to replace cassette hubs. This means that if you have another kind of sprocket setup (like a one-speed), then you don’t have it on your bicycle and have a cassette hub instead. 

How Does a Freecoaster Work?

If you’re wondering how a freecoaster works, the first thing to remember is that it is driven by a screw mechanism. A driver is present on the hub body, and this connects a screw to the hub itself. 

When you move your foot in a coaster, it pulls on the clutch. This spring with help stop that from happening and make sure those threads don’t get tangled up to keep moving smoothly together.

The clutch aligns to one of the many ridges on it, and then your hub and crank begin turning as soon as you start to adjust the pedal pressure.

This is why BMX riders or street riders can propel forward when in gear without slipping- because their bike won’t let them!

Freecoaster vs. Cassette Hub – Which Is Better?

If you’re looking to get a BMX bike, there is no debate about which hub you need! 

A freecoaster will be the most versatile tool in your kit because it’s what would make you go faster, manage the brake better, and even roll backward in any ledge. Everything falls into place for this feature to be an excellent investment!

It is a must-have in any BMX toolbox because it gives them so much more control over their ride–and makes doing a bicycle trick more effortless than ever before if mastered correctly!

The Advantages of Using a Freecoaster Hub

A freecoaster hub is a must-have for riders looking to take their fakie tricks up another notch. Below are the main advantages of having one:

You Can Go Backwards Without Pedaling

The main difference of having one is that you’ll be able to ride backward without having to push on the pedals. You can go as fast and balanced in whatever direction suits your fancy – which really does something new when the time comes together with pedal alignment in your BMX wheels!

It is Cost-Effective

Another advantage of using a freecoaster hub is that it’ll save you time and money replacing parts. 

For instance, some bikes come with a BMX cassette which will eventually wear down over time because they have moving cranks instead of being completely solid like the freecoasters are!

It Is Safer to Use on Your BMX Bike

It also helps protect riders from flying over handlebars or hitting themselves on them if they’re pedaling too hard or pedaling backward with insufficient resistance against their legs.

Not only does this reduce wear and wear-and-tear on your BMX bikes, but it also reduces the risk of falls and accidents!

Frequently Asked Questions About Freecoasters

Are Freecoaster Hubs Beginner-Friendly?

Yes, of course. But we would instead recommend starting on a BMX bicycle with a cassette for one simple reason: it’s just easier!

You’ll be able to learn all of those basic things such as bunny hops and manuals–and even backward riding because we know how vital safe cycling is when learning how these tricks work better than anyone else does.

Take it out for a spin on your bicycle. If someone has offered this feature as an upgrade and since then have never used one or ridden with one installed in their own frame- they might find themselves going backward because its different riding style feels alien at first but can be great once accustomed!

What’s the Disadvantage of Using a Freecoaster?

This type of hub has “slack.” This means that there is some play in the clutch before creating enough force to pedal, so be aware of it.

Are You Ready to Make the Switch?

We hope this article has given you some insight into what freecoasters are, how they work, and why they’re advantageous over other drivetrain systems like cassettes!

Ready to buy your first freecoaster? Let us know in the comments below!

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