What Happened to frostythefatbike.com?

What Happened to Frostythefatbike.com?

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Sporting events often come and go. Their success depends on the number of participants, the event’s popularity, the publicity it receives, and the funding it raises. Frosty’s Fat Bike Race Series was an interesting sporting event that showed promise. As you will see below, the Frostythefatbike.com website flourished for numerous years, and the race event seemed successful. Today, a third-party business has taken over the website, so what happened to Frostythefatbike.com, and why did it ultimately fail?

Frostythefatbike.com Info – Who Were They?

The Frostythefatbike.com website was created as a central operations platform for the Frosty’s Fat Bike Race Series. This bike series was established in 2014, with annual races held until 2019. However, since the last race in 2019, there have been no more official events. Furthermore, the original website has been transformed into something completely different. 

Fat Bikes

Fat Bikes are essentially bikes that have incredibly fat tires. Standard bike tires are usually 2 – 2.5 inches wide. In contrast, fat bike tires are typically 4-5 inches – nearly double the width.

The main benefit of this type of bike is that it is suitable for all-terrain cycling – mainly snow and cold weather climates. The wider tires provide far better grip and traction over rugged terrain like snow. Where traditional tires would simply sink, fat bike tires will allow you to pedal on.

Frosty’s Fat Bike Race Series

fat bikes

The Frosty’s Fat Bike Race Series involved competitors who cycled on fat bikes. The races would always be held in cold-weather conditions, generally in the north of America and Canada – near the Rocky Mountains. There were typically six races each year at set locations. However, this tailed off, and in 2018 there were only two races. The repeat locations included:

  • Jasper, Alberta, Canada
  • Nordic Valley Utah
  • Wolf Creek Ranch, Utah
  • Big Springs, Utah
  • Soldier Hollow, Utah

The races appeared to be highly popular, and people from around the world competed in them. They were typically split into downhill and endurance races. The downhill races were much shorter distances and were incredibly fast-paced. The endurance races spanned longer distances and tested the competitor’s fitness and skill instead of sheer power and control.

What Could You Find at the Frostythefatbike.com Website?

The Frostythefatbike.com website was packed full of useful information relating to the races. It was also the central point where people could sign up to the races and find out information about previous results.

The website did have excellent branding and a professionally created logo based on the mysterious Utah Yeti, often nicknamed Frosty.

Location and Registration Info

One of the main purposes of the Frostythefatbike.com website was to provide a central point where competitors could register for upcoming races. Users could find out all the information they needed to register for the next races, like the location, course info, dates, and entry requirements. 

Previous Race Results

The Frosty’s Fat Bike Race Series started in 2014. To mid-2018, there were multiple races each year, and at the peak of its popularity, there were six races each year.

The results page shows detailed statistics and competitor information for every race ever held. This page is a great way to look at the history of the races to see if there were any repeat winners – any hardy competitors that excelled at this type of race.

Image Galleries and Videos

The website also had an extensive gallery with both images and videos for a visual guide to Frosty’s Fat Bike Race Series. The images are of great quality and have some fantastic mountain backdrops. You can clearly see the action of the races and the dramatic cold-weather climate settings they were held at.


The website also had a small online shop. This is now no longer active, and you can’t purchase items from it. However, when it was active, you could buy men and women’s clothing that features the cool Frosty’s logo and branding.


The race required sponsors for funding and to continue its operations. As a result, the website also had a dedicated sponsors section that provided a promotional outlet for the sponsors and links to their websites.

Facebook Page

The Frostythefatbike.com website also had a dedicated Facebook page. This appears to be quite popular and has over 1400 followers. The Facebook page was updated regularly and contained information about the races. It also had plenty of images and videos, plus it gave an outlet for people to contact the race organisers.

Why Did This Website Stop Operating?

If you visit the Frostythefatbike.com website today, you get a completely different website. You can only view the previous iteration using web archive tools. Today, the website is known as Bikes Haven, an information website for cycling enthusiasts. It contains a myriad of guides, articles, and tips for bike lovers, including guides on road bikes, fat bikes, and BMX bikes.

So what happened to Frostythefatbike.com and the Frosty’s Fat Bike Race Series? To find out, you have to head to their Facebook page. The last post on the Facebook page states, “Frosty is looking for a new home”. If you read on, it is clear that the owner of the website and bike races was struggling to manage the project or find funding for it.

For whatever reason, it simply appears that the brand owner simply couldn’t continue to run the events and thus maintain the website. Since the last race, it would appear that a businessman has bought the domain and continues to use it – probably to benefit from the traffic and SEO that the domain still provides. For now, however, it doesn’t seem that the Frosty’s Fat Bike Race Series will make a return!

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