Schwinn Wayfarer 700c Women’s Review

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The Schwinn Wayfarer 700c Women’s Hybrid Bike is a retro style bike designed to offer the perfect blend of style, comfort, and versatility. Like its name suggest, this bike is specifically tailored for the women. The bike has incorporated lady-friendly features to capture every dimension of elegance, convenience, style, utility, and versatility, all in a single unit.

Women love cute stuff, and this hybrid lady bike is endowed with aesthetic and feminine features. Aside from boosting the visual aspects of the bike, these features excellently cater to the cycling needs of women across all ages and walks of life.

What Makes Schwinn Wayfarer 700c Awesome

Schwinn steel retro city frame

The Schwinn Wayfarer 700c sports a Schwinn retro city frame allows the most comfortable riding posture for any woman rider. Besides the comfy posture, the retro style frame is designed to bear the weight of approximately 300lbs, which is more than what other models can carry. 

Steel construction

The steel construction of the bike renders the bicycle durable and resilient to the daily wear and tear. As such, the steel construction promotes the longevity of the bike, while making the bike suitable for casual riding, road biking, and biking on rough terrains.


Yes, women are attracted to cool and nice stuff, and this adorable bike is just what you need. Available in an appealing light blue color, this delightful bike comes with plenty of feminine and charming features that are going to get heads turning.

The Schwinn Wayfarer 700c  is the perfect partner to healthy and green living. Whether you are looking for a bike for recreational purposes, accessing your office, getting around in town, or sharing some light moments with your family or girlfriends, the Schwinn Wayfarer 700c is the most practical choice that is going to fit your budget, and most importantly your needs.

Lets us look at some of the marvelous features of this makes it one of the best hybrid bikes in the market today.

Comfort and Convenience

Comfort and convenience on the Schwinn Wayfarer 700c Women`s Hybrid are manifested in a variety of ways.

First, you need to consider the Schwinn steel retro city frame on the bike helps in promoting comfortable and smooth rides. The frame allows you to sit in an upright posture, consequently eliminating the effects of lousy riding posture such as straining your neck and behind.

Most women, unlike men, are fashion enthusiasts and are at times limited to riding bicycles because of their fashion choices. With the Schwinn Wayfarer 700c, however, you will appreciate the step-through frame that will add your freedom to the ride. The step-through frame makes it easy for you to get on or off the bike easily without lifting your leg that much. In a nutshell, the step-through frame provides a comfortable geometry for all riders regardless of their height or wardrobes.

You will also notice that the handlebars on this bicycle are upgraded for comfort. They have been “sweptback” to bring them closer to the seat. In effect, the sweptback handlebars promote greater visibility on the road ahead, as well as a more upright position, which is vital in eliminating back aches which come with long riding.


You might shy from investing in the Wayfarer 700c  because of the weight of the steel. Though the 48.4 pounds is more than the aluminum bikes we have reviewed before such as Diamondback Edgewood Hybrid Bike, the steel construction of this bike offers the convenience and comfort of a lightweight aluminum frame.

Like an aluminum bike, it is easier to control and is less of a burden when pushing it uphill. The aluminum construction allows you to ride light without sacrificing on a sturdy support.

Acceleration and Swift Riding

Like many hybrid bicycles, the Schwinn Hybrid for Women comes with 700c tires. These tires are not only lightweight and high-performance but are designed to facilitate a rapid change of direction without loss of speed or stability.

What`s more? The wheels are thicker for a more stable ride and come with specially designed non-slip threads for more traction even on slippery ground.


The Schwinn Women`s comes with 7 speeds making the bike an excellent companion for scaling the steep and hilly terrains without needing to get off the bike on rugged terrains. With this bike, you can comfortably maneuver both hilly and flat places with ease.

Like many state-of-the-art bicycle options, this one is fitted with an SRAM MRX Grip shift that allows a hassle-free control and changing of gears. The SRAM twist shifter ensures that you enjoy greater speeds.

The bicycle comes with pull brakes that are effective in stopping your bike during emergencies. However, there is more to the pull brakes: the brakes are constructed from an alloy, which is visually appealing and provides character to your bicycle.

Most importantly, an alloy is excellent at heat dissipation, thus decreasing the risk of brake failure. Improved heat dissipation not only enhances the performance of the overall braking system but also helps in lengthening the tire life by keeping them cooler.

What We Like Most About the Schwinn Wayfarer 700c Women’s Hybrid Bike

  • Comfortable Geometry. The Schwinn Wayfarer 700c Women’s Hybrid Bike has plenty of comfort-enhancing features such as the retro steel city frame, step-through frame, and swept-back handle-bars, all which help in promoting a comfortable riding experience.
  • Impressive weight capacity. The steel frame construction on the bike allows the bike to handle a generous weight of up to 33 pounds. Not many bikes, including the high-end bikes that can manage to bear such a weight.
  • Stunning retro design. It is a clear testimony that regardless of technological advances, there are instances where the original still provides the best quality. The simple and modest classic design of the Wayfarer 700c Bike redefines the concept of bicycle beauty.

What We Don`t Like

  • Weight. If it were for men, the 48.4 pounds might not be much of an issue, but since the bike is made explicitly for women, the weight is something to worry about.
  • Not hardcore. Yes, it`s a hybrid meant to tackle any terrain, but it does not have the oomph and vigor of a mountain bike. It`s not suited for the hardcore and rough terrains. 

Bottomline on Schwinn Wayfarer 700c Bicycle

The weight of the Schwinn Women’s hybrid seems to be the main drawback of this bicycle. If you are weight-conscious and looking for a light bicycle option to move around with, you should consider other women`s lighter models such as the Diamondback Bicycles  Women’s Vital, which weighs at only 33 pounds.

Weight aside, the Schwinn Wayfarer 700c is an excellent choice for commuting. It`s perfect for those riders who are looking forward to experiencing real comfort when going shopping, riding around town, and going for moderate terrains.

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