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Working out your lower body is a good thing. But when you can exercise both the upper and lower body simultaneously, regular workout becomes more enjoyable.

When it comes to the best exercise bikes, the only type that works your upper and lower body simultaneously are the dual action cycling bikes.

There are many dual action exercise cycles out there. But not all of them are worth spending money on. We have written this guide to let you in on some of the top-rated dual action exercise bikes for the money. The goal is to help you pick the right bike for home use in the shortest time possible.

Top Rated Dual Action And Air Fan Exercise Bikes Comparison & Rating Chart

PreviewFeaturesWeight CapacityDimensionsPrice
LCD Display
-Dual action fan bike
-Manual tension control
250 lbs41.75″ x 22″ x 46.5″.Check Price on Amazon
-Air Fan
-Dual action
300 lbs45 x 25 x 47.5 inchesCheck Price on Amazon
-Air Resistance
-Bottle holder
-Transport wheels
300 lbs48″ L x 36″ WCheck Price on Amazon
-Air Resistance
-Removable Seat
-Full-body workout
250 lbsCheck Price on Amazon
-8 levels of tension control
-Computer readouts
250 lbs51 Hx 25 W x 50 D inchesCheck Price on Amazon
-LCD Display
-Dual Action Arms
-Reinforced Crank System
250 lbs43.5” L x 26” W x 61”HCheck Price on Amazon
-Unique air resistance system
-Fan Air
250 lbs45” (L) x 26.75” (W) x 48.75” (H)Check Price on Amazon
-Height adjustable handlebar
-Micro adjustable resistance
300 lbs49 x 20 x 47 inchesCheck Price on Amazon
-Height adjustable handlebar
-Innovative easy-to-remove crank shafts
300 lbs51 x 21.8 x 45 inchesCheck Price on Amazon
-LCD exercise console
-3 in 1 Trio Trainer
300 lbs52L x 25W x 63H inchesCheck Price on Amazon

Best Dual Action Cycles : Top 3 Bikes With Moving Arms In Summary

1) Whether you are looking to add a dual action bike to your existing home gym or you just want to buy a bicycle for working out, Body Rider Exercise Upright Fan Bike is a good option to consider. With a soft, comfortable seat, a clear display monitor, and adjustable resistance level, this bike makes a good choice for regular workout.

2) Marcy Exercise Upright Fan Bike is an inexpensive exercise bike for full body workout. It is a good option for people who don’t have a lot of money to spend but still want to own dual action cycling bike for home use. 

3) Schwinn AD6 Airdyne is a more advanced bike in the family of Schwinn exercise bikes. Unlike other bikes in our summary, the AD6 features an infinite resistance, which means that the more you pedal, the more the intensity of your workout.

Top Dual Action Exercise Cycles Reviews – We Picked The Best Fan Bikes For The Money

Body Rider Exercise Upright Fan Bike

Body Rider is equipment in popular commercial gyms, and it also makes a perfect addition to an existing home gym.

Known as a budget bike for fitness maniacs, this bike is rated as the best for pull body workout because the arms and pedals move together during exercising. 

The Display Monitor

The display monitor is one of the most helpful technologies integrated in body rider. Besides displaying your workout data, it can help you to quantify those stats, until you reach your workout goals.

The most common data displayed include speed, distance covered, total time spent on the bike, and the total amount of calories burned.

Resistance is Adjustable

Body Rider features an easy-to-adjust resistance. The resistance lets you increase or decrease the level of workout. And you can do that by simply turning the dials on the bike. The dial is located in an easy-to-access position, so you will not struggle to find it during workout.

A Soft Seat

Because Body Rider Exercise Upright Fan Bike has a soft seat, one can use the bike to exercise for long periods without feeling pain on the back or in the butt.  The seat is cushioned and there is even a fan wheel that rotates to deliver a cooling breeze, making you feel more comfortable during workout.

Marcy Exercise Upright Fan Bike for Cardio Training and Workout AIR-1

While spending a fortune on gym fee can still help you get fit, it most probably will leave you broke at the end of the day.

To workout at home, without spending a dime on a daily basis, consider riding on Marcy Exercise Upright Fan Bike, the equipment designed for cardio training as well as full body workout.

Quality Build

No one wants to spend money on some low quality dual action cycles. That’s why Marcy uses high quality materials to design this bike, the low price of the product notwithstanding.

Besides making the bike sturdy and reliable, the quality build also guarantees that the bike will last for almost a lifetime.

The Seat is Large

Marcy’s AIR-1 come with a very large seat. This seat is padded for the maximum comfort of the rider. You can always replace the seat if you do not like it. There should be a number of good seats out there that are compatible with Marcy’s AIR-1.

The only problem with the seat is that it might get a little uncomfortable on long workout. However, this shouldn’t be an issue, especially because not so many people complain about the bike’s seat.

Schwinn AD6 Airdyne

Schwinn has been around for as long as the internet can remember. And the brand’s Schwinn AD6 is a high quality product that pretty much speaks for itself.

It is an advanced version of the AD2, which means it has more bells and whistles than the older models.

Infinite Resistance

Schwinn AD6 features an infinite resistance. This means that if you want to get more resistance, you will have to pedal the bike harder. The harder you pedal the more effective the workout.

This bike also provides the option of working your upper and lower body simultaneously or independently.

The Console

Schwinn AD6 console is also an improvement of the Schwinn AD2. The brand has added a number of statistics on the console, including distance, speed, and calories burned.  There is also a Rev Meter that visually displays all your stats. The only problem with the console is that it is not bright enough, so it can be hard to read your data.

Full Body Workout

Schwinn AD6 Airdyne  was designed for pull body workout.  That means it focuses on both the lower and upper body, making it an effective exercise cycle for people that would like to use an workout bike to lose weight and keep fit.

Stamina ATS

Whether you are on a budget or you don’t like spending a lot of money on fitness bike, Stamina ATS a really good fit for you.  

Stamina ATS is the one bike that lets you adjust the resistance levels manually, depending on how fast or how slow you pedal the bike.

Sturdy and Stable

Stamina ATS is quite light. So it is easy to mistake it as unstable. In the real sense, though, this bike is both sturdy and stable, so it won’t rock or wobble when riding, even in the event of tough workouts.

Thanks to the heavy-duty steel, this one will remain steady during workout.


You can adjust the seat of this bike to accommodate users of different heights. You can only adjust the seat upwards or downwards. Because it is impossible to adjust the seat forwards or backwards, you can’t comfortably balance yourself in relations to the handle bars.

Adjustable Resistance

This is the only workout bicycle on our list that enables you to adjust the resistance levels in two ways. You can use the fan wheel technique. This means that the more you pedal the bike, the more the resistance. The second way is to adjust the resistance manually. This can be done by adjusting the resistance knob on the frame.

Velocity Exercise Dual Motion Bike

If you are looking for a dual action fitness bicycle that can work your legs, upper body, and your arms, try Velocity Exercise Dual Motion Recumbent Bike. This device lets you do more cardio workout, allowing you to burn more calories, lose weight in the process, or just get into the best shape as a trainee.

Computer Display

Velocity has a unique computer display, which is a necessary integration in most top-rated dual action workout cycle. The purpose of this display is to show you your workout stats in real time. The data include speed, time taken for the ride, the distance covered, your pulse rate, and the amount of calories burned in the process.

Heart Rate Monitor

Because Velocity features a heart rate monitor, you can use it to check your health. The only problem is the data you get isn’t going to be accurate, and therefore cannot be medically verified as useful. Also, you can use the pulse sensors to read your pulse as you pedal Velocity bike.

Stabilizer Bars

The stabilizer bars are important part of this upright bike for indoor exercise. They help to keep the bike in position during workout. The stabilizer helps to carry the weight of the user, so that the bike remains  stable throughout.

Exerpeutic GOLD Dual Trainer

If there is one thing I love about Exerpeutic GOLD Dual Trainer, it is that one can use it in a standing as well as in a sitting position. As such, the bike makes it easy for you to target both lower and upper body parts. By transitioning from elliptical motion to an exercise bicycle, you work the abdominal muscles, therefore strengthening your core.

A Moveable Bike

One of the best features that this bike has is the transportation wheels. The purpose of the wheel is to help you move the bike from one point to another in your workout station in the shortest time possible. In addition to the transportation wheels are extended weight capacity  and an easy-to-customize, comfortable seat.

Larger Pedals

You will notice that Exerpeutic GOLD comes with larger pedals. This means you can ride the bike for hours without worrying whether your feet will slip from the pedals. The pedals do provide your feet with a stable grip. This means you can easily switch between aero elliptical and regular workout bicycle.

What you’ll like

Because it supports a user capacity of up to 250 lbs, Exerpeutic GOLD can be used by most people. In addition to the large, comfortable, adjustable seat, this bike features a reinforced crank system that boosts the momentum of the bike.

Marcy Fan NS-1000

We can agree that Marcy Fan NS-1000 is one of the cheapest workout bicycle in the Marcy’s exercise bikes series.  One thing you need to understand, though, it that this is a pretty basic system.

Therefore, it is a good option for people who are looking for a fitness bike that is neither expensive nor advanced in terms of features.

Standard Seat

The surface of this bike’s seat is somewhat contoured. The biggest issue with the seat is that it feels a little hard on the butt, so it isn’t really the best feature of Marcy Fan NS-1000.  

Even so, you can always use a gel seat cover to make the seat feel comfortable on your butt.

Artistically Designed Handlebars

The handlebars of Marcy Fan NS-1000 have stable grips. What’s more, they are covered with a layer of foam, making them feel great on hold. Something unusual about the handlebar is that they are always in motion as long as a rider is paddling the bike. Keep in mind, too, that the handlebars of this bike are not adjustable.

What you’ll like

Marcy Fan NS-1000 features sturdy transportation wheels that make the relocation and storage easy. Besides being less noisy and requiring little maintenance, NS-1000 bike can support a user weight of up to 250 lbs.

Sunny Health Fitness SF-B1509

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1509 is a premium indoor exercise bike, a newer product in the family of Sunny Health & Fitness.

Featuring dual action pedals, a weight capacity of 265 lbs, and SPD clips on toe-cages and one, this bike is definitely more advanced than the Sunny SF-B1423.

You Can Adjust the Seat

Adjusting the seat of Sunny SF-B1423 is easy. You simply twist a known, move the seat back, forth, up, or down, adjust it to the levels of the handlebars, and you are good to go.

 Adjusting the seat of the device is crucial, because it is one of the ways to ensure you ride the bike comfortably.

Adjustable Handlebars

Because the handlebars are easy to adjust, it should be easy to customize them accordingly, depending on the rider.  The handles are padded for comfort, and the slip-free modification ensures that you can hold the handlebars for hours without worrying about your hands slipping.

A Heavier Flywheel

The flywheel of Sunny SF-B1423 weighs 40lbs. Although this adds some extra weight to the bike, it is advantageous to the user. The more weight a flywheel has, the smoother the ride. A heavier flywheel helps you to create the right momentum for longer period. This keeps you going for hours.

Sunny Health Fitness SF-B1516

What we love about Commercial Indoor Cycling Bike from Sunny Health & Fitness is the heavy flywheel. Of course, the flywheel adds on a little more weight on the bike, but the best thing about the heaviness is that it gives the user a smooth pedaling experience. Although this bike does not have many extras, it is good enough for workout.

Heavy Flywheel

The flywheel of Sunny SF-B1516 bike weights about 48 lbs. Of course, this adds a little more weight to the machine itself. The benefit is that you get a more comfortable and smoother ride. Regardless of the speed of the resistance, the flywheel will give you the best riding experience, making you feel like you are riding a real bike outdoors.

A Portable Stuff

Sunny Health & Fitness Commercial Indoor Cycling Bike has transportation wheels, which make it easy for you to move the bike from one spot to another in your workout space.  The wheels eliminate the need for heavy lifting, as all you have to do is to effortlessly push the bike.

Adjustable Seat

The seat of this bike is easy to adjust. The benefits include accommodating users of different heights and making workout comfortable if you choose to ride the bike for longer periods. To adjust the seat, simply twist the knob and then choose your height accordingly.

Body Rider BRT3980 3-in-1 Trio-Trainer

Every fitness maniacs loves an exercise bike that’s feature-packed. And the Body Rider BRT3980 3-in-1 feels like a bike you would jump off a cliff for. Some of the most unique bells and whistles of this bike include adjustable resistance, 21 training programs, a heart rate monitor, and a computer display.

LCD Display

It is a good thing to get workout updates during your exercise session. Thanks to the LCD display, you can see all your fitness activity stats as you continue to exercise. Workout data include heart rate, calories burned, total distance covered, time taken to ride the bike, and the speed. Also, the 21 training programs are quite useful in helping you become the fit you.

Lightweight yet Stable

Weighing about 88.1 lbs, the Body Rider BRT3980 3-in-1 Trio-Trainer is a very lightweight bike. Of course, this makes mobility of the bike easier. Despite being lightweight, the bike is very stable; so it won’t wobble when riding.  Because it is stable, it makes a perfect option for elliptical training.

What you’ll like

Besides the LCD display that displays your workout stats and the 21 training programs for effective exercising, this bike is also smooth and offers consistent rides. It doesn’t even take up much space in your room, and it is more comfortable than many dual action exercise bikes on the market.

Buyer’s Guide


If you are going to buy a lightweight dual action cycling bike, make sure they have stabilizers. This helps to hold the bike in position during workout. The last thing you want is a bike that wobbles every time you use it for training.

LCD Display

A console is an important part of a dual action cycling bike, but not all bikes have this feature. If you just want an exercise bike for physical fitness, any will do. But if you want to track your fitness metrics also, a bike with a console would make a perfect choice.


Remember, no dual action exercise cycle is made equal. The features of one bike may not be present in another.  At the end of the day, the most important thing that matters when it comes to choosing an exercise bike is your primary needs. Once you know your needs, choosing the right bike becomes easy.

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