Body-Solid E5000 Endurance Elliptical Trainer Review

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Performance, stability, and durability is the name of the game with the Body Solid E5000.

This piece of fitness equipment has everything you need to need to take your fitness game to the next level.

From the built quality, assembly, features to flexibility, the E5000 doesn’t fall short of excellence and will provide you with a dynamic workout session.

Sure, while I agree it falls short on the premium features, especially considering the high admission price tag, it’s quite a decent model with an impressive warranty package.

But is the E5000 right for you?

Let’s find out in this E5000 Elliptical Trainer Review.

What Makes Body Solid E5000 So Awesome?

1. Self-powered

E5000, much more like a health club model, is self-powered, and it means it doesn’t require power or any electric cords to plug in.

Instead, it uses an internal generator, and so, all you’ve to do is just begin pedaling, and the console will light up.

Away from the convenience of not having to deal with cords, this evolution in the cardio training I touted as a “green” alternative that will save you money and energy in the long run.

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So rather than plugging the E5000, the power generated while working out on this self-powered model is stored in an internal battery and later used to power both the motor and the electronic display.

2. Custom Programming

A highly versatile elliptical trainer, the E5000 provides up to six custom program options that let you tailor your exercise sessions.

The six presser programs include Mountain, Random, Hill, Interval, Interval Speed training, and Interval Mountain.

Besides the preset custom programs, this model also includes five heart rate controls alongside two user profile modes.

While the heart rate programs will help in changing the resistance while keeping your heart rate at sea level, the included user profiles let you customize and save your exercise sessions.

3. Stability

The sturdiness on the E5000 is simply on another level, and this is largely because of the arched support side rails. 

More importantly, however, is the presence center-drive system’s low center of gravity that removes instances of rocking or lateral motion that you would normally experience with a majority of the fitness bikes.

Generally, when E50000 is in use, it doesn’t wobble, even at the highest resistance setting.


Weight Capacity: 325 pounds


Stride length: 21”

Resistance: 20 levels of magnetic resistance

Unique Features That Make Body Solid E5000 Interesting

Frame and Design-Build

Like a majority of the Endurance Machines, the E500 is also designed from the patented center drive design,   a feature that promotes stability and efficiency.

The steel frame on the E5000 is rock-solid, and if anything, it doesn’t easily give in.

A durable unit, the frame is further bolstered with a film coating, and so, you can expect this model to last you for ages without skimping on performance.

And we had earlier discussed, the frame on the E5000 is balanced, and in combination with a low center of gravity, you can expect this trainer to be sturdy, without instances of rocking.

Overall, the E5000 is one solid piece of training equipment that you can easily use for several years without worrying about its structural integrity.

Capacity and Dimension

The E5000 offers a 325-pound weight capacity, something it a tad higher than the 300-pound capacity we normally see with a majority of the elliptical trainers.

Away from the weight capacity, the E500o has a modest footprint size of 68.4L x 31W x 69H. Sure, it’s not the smallest we’ve come across, but it’s decent enough to fit in the small apartments where space is premium.

However, what will probably grab your attention on the dimension is the close pedal spacing and the bigger pedal size; combined both of these elements will promote a perfect fit, and ensure anyone can fit into the bike while at the same time reducing hip fatigue.


Like a majority of the elliptical trainers, the E5000 comes with two sets of handlebars, all of which promote the performance and overall ease of use.

One pair is adjustable and comes with multiple grip options, allowing you to customize your overall comfort.

The other pair, though static, it features the heart rate sensors, and when gripping this handlebar, it’s easy to determine your heart rate.

The good thing with both pairs is they’re padded for enhanced comfort and ease of use.


For starters, the E5000 features a generous pedal stride length of 21”, which is sufficient enough to accommodate a majority of the users without feeling restricted.

When it comes to the pedals, the E5000 has comfortable and oversized pedals that come equipped with closed pedal spacing.

The closed pedal spacing design is quite handy for the different sized users as it will allow them to easily fit into the pedals, while at the same time making pedaling comfier and in a natural motion.


The E500o features a magnetic-based resistance that comes with up to 20 different levels of resistance.

Here, it’s easy for users to modify their exercise intensity regimen from slow, moderate to high.

Better yet, users of the E5000 will also benefit from a low-impact workout that is essential in alleviating pain from the joints, and knees, making this fitness machine an ideal option for use even for extended periods.

Heart Rate

Besides the heart rate sensors on the handlebars, The E5000 also include heart rate control chest strap that you can use in combination with the 5 HRC programs.

What We Liked About Body Solid E5000

  • Smooth and quiet operation: The magnetic resistance is pretty smooth and comparatively more natural to use than the belt resistance. It’s noiseless, and won’t cause any distraction when working out.
  • Portable: The front section of the bike comes with removable wheels, while the rear section has removable handles, and combined, they help to improve on the overall portability of the E5000.
  • Display Console: The console on the E5000 is pretty basic, yet, it’s full-featured, and it displays all the crucial elements including calories burned, time, speed, interval, and more.

What We Didn’t Like About Body Solid E5000

  • Costly: The E5000 has a pretty high admission price, but in my opinion, it’s worth it.

Bottomline & Verdict

Yes, we can’t deny that the E5000 is not a cheap elliptical machine, but the good thing is, it provides the real value for your money.

For instance, unlike the budget-option bikes with a mere eight levels of resistance, this model has a whopping 20 levels of resistance, and so, regardless of how far you want to take your resistance, it’ll be long before you achieve the full potential of this bike.

Ideally speaking, the E5000 is an ideal option for the aggressive and serious fitness enthusiasts, and I think that it can also double up as a heavy-duty commercial fitness trainer.

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