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Let’s agree on one thing: 

There’s going to be instances when you ride your bike a lot. And in those moments the chances of sweating and dehydration are likely high. 

But remember, you’re a cyclist who wants to stay in the game. You want to keep riding your bike without worrying about alteration of your body’s function. And to do that, you must drink as much water as possible to replenish your body’s water supply. And the only way to do that while cycling is to use the best bike water bottle. 

Water bottles are downright inexpensive. Yet they play a priceless role, enabling you to bring water with you to any trail so you can stay hydration when you have to, even if you don’t sweat a lot.

Top Rated Bicycle Water Bottles Comparison & Rating Chart

PreviewProduct NameCapacityInsulatedMaterialPrice
CamelBak Podium Big Chill Red Water Bottle 25…25ozytrutaste polypropyleneCheck Price on Amazon
Simply Pure Purist 22 Oz BPA-Free, Sport & Bike…22oznBPA-free plasticCheck Price on Amazon
Elite 0091754 Super Corsa Water Bottle, Clear25oznpolyethyleneCheck Price on Amazon
Schwinn Bike Waterbottle Holder, Cage, with Water…25oznBPA-free plasticCheck Price on Amazon
Elite 130160444 Fly Black Red Logo 550ml18oznBPA-free plasticCheck Price on Amazon
Tacx Shiva Bottle Unprinted – 500cc, White24oznBPA-free plasticCheck Price on Amazon
ELITE Eroica 600 Aluminum-Silver Water Bottle 201620oznAluminumCheck Price on Amazon

Best Cycling Water Bottles Reviews – Recommended For Cyclists

CamelBak Podium Big Chill Water Bottle

CamelBak Podium Big Chill has the design and the looks that you’d want in a water bottle.

At it has just the right capacity to get you through a day when you can’t ride your bike without bringing a bottle of water with you. And when it comes to special features, this one has a few that you’ll definitely like. 

The Podium Big Chill features a trutaste polypropylene build with a hydro guard that not only ensures sturdiness and durability but also gives you the actual taste of your water, not the smell of the bottle itself.

 Plus, the construction is double walled, good for keeping your water twice as cold in a way a regular bottle never can. 

This inexpensive water bottle has a reasonably decent capacity. You get 25oz total, enough to get you through a few miles before you can crave for more water. 

To avoid spills and splatters, CamelBak adds a self-sealing jet valve on the self-cleaning nozzle, so you never have to worry about your water going to waste.


  • The nozzle is removable and very easy to clean
  • 750ml capacity, good enough to get you through a few miles
  • Self-sealing valve ensures your water doesn’t go to waste


  • Doesn’t hold the actual temperature of the liquid for long

Simply Pure Purist Water Bottle

Simply Pure Purist is the water bottle designed to help you stay hydrated throughout your cycling session.

Whether you’re prepping for an upcoming competition or you’re just training to keep fit, the water you bring with you in the Purist can help you compensate for the sweat. 

One of the things we love about this bike water bottle is the safety aspect. It’s made of BPA-free, FDA –approved, food grade plastic, making it safe to use for its lifetime. Plus, it fits really well in a bike’s cage and stays fixed in position no matter how fast you ride your bike. 

You will love the capacity of this bottle, too. You’re getting a little over 700ml, which is actually enough to get you through a couple of miles before you can crave for more water.

It even features a view strip, which lets you know how much water you have left in it.


  • An easy to use bike water bottle with an easy to pour opening
  • The mouth is so big enough you can even add ice cubes to your water if you want
  • Made of BFA-free plastic, hence safe to use


  • You’ll notice a bit of a plastic smell on first few uses

Elite Super Corsa Bicycle Water Bottle

Elite Super Corsa is the cheap bike water bottle to go for is you’re into stuffs that look too cool to ignore. We love the white, red and black color combination.

And while it doesn’t feature any calibration, it’s somewhat transparent so you can see the level of water in the bottle to know if you need a refill. 

To begin with, Elite made the Super Corsa from polyethylene, a BPA free and dishwasher safe material. This means the bottle is safe to use as often as you’d like.

This one even has a blow off feature, which means that if it drops by accident, you can safely ride on and past it and never have to worry about falling. 

You get a capacity of 750ml with this one. That means you get enough water to get you through many miles. Plus, it’s enough to compensate for your sweat by keeping you hydrated throughout your cycling binge.

Even better is the triple function cap, which has a soft rubber that’s comfortable on the mouth for an easy sipping. 


  • The ergonomic handle makes the bottle easy to grip
  • The push pull nozzle delivers fluid smoothly


  • You’ll notice the plastic smell on a first time use

Schwinn Bike Water Bottle

Schwinn is not just about the best road bikes and top mountain bikes anymore. We’ve seen the brand branch out to products like cycling shoes and bike pumps.

And now they’re even going the direction of making some of the best bike water bottle in the market. 

The silver and black theme makes this bottle look really nice. The viewing area plus the calibration makes it easy for you to know how much liquid is in the bottle.

And since the plastic used to make it is BPA-free, you can use it with confidence knowing that you’re completely safe. 

This is just a plastic water bottle with no special feature added to the construction. Standard in design, this one won’t keep your water cold in all weather. 

If you fill it up with ice, for example, and take it with you under the hot sun, the ice will melt too quickly. Still, it’s a good one to bring along to long rides, as the water will help you to stay hydrated. 


  • Completely seals when closed, so liquid doesn’t come out
  • BPA-free and dishwasher safe
  • Cheap bike’s bottle


  • Smelly plastic at first, which disappears after a few uses
  • The housing is thin and might get brittle with age

Elite Fly Bicycle Water Bottle

If you’re in the market for a lightweight water bottle that you can buy for cheap, then you should consider the Elite Fly.

Made of 100% BPA-free plastic, this is a safe product to use, a choice for pro and amateur cyclists who want to stay hydrated on long rides.  

Elite Fly features a black appearance all around, with a red valve at the top center.

It’s about 185 millimeters high with a diameter as small as 74 millimeters. In other words, it’s small and easy to hold. 

And you can easily drink from it without stopping your bike. Plus, it lightweight. At just 54 grams, it should be easy to pull out from it cage. 

You don’t get much capacity from Elite Fly. It’s only 18.6oz. While this is less than what you get with Elite Super Corsa, the Fly is actually cheaper and still well built. But then again, this capacity is still good enough to keep you hydrated for a few miles, especially if you don’t dehydrated too much. 


  • Lightweight bike water bottle that’s very easy to use
  • Cheap, good if you’re looking for an inexpensive option


  • Small capacity compared to the Super Corsa model
  • Doesn’t feature an ergonomic handle

Tacx Shiva Bottle Unprinted

Tacx may not be good at making bike bottles, but their make is still good an option to add to this list.

First they had the Tao, but they discontinued it already.

And to keep their mind in the production game, they upgraded to the Shiva, a clean, white water bottle with no prints on it. 

Like other bottles on this list, this one is also made of BPA free plastic, which makes it 100% safe to use. 

It features a screw-on cup on top of which is a leak proof spout to keep your water from spilling all over. 


  • Compact bottle with a decent capacity
  • Cheap alternative to CamelBak Podium, good if you’re on a budget
  • The spout opens and closes really smoothly


  • Plain design with no special features
  • Can’t keep water cold in hot weather

Elite Eroica Water Bottle

Elite Eroica has been in the market since 2016. And in those 3 years it has had an audience that believes that it’s a high quality water bottle.

 First, it’s made of high quality aluminum, so what you get for the price is a high quality product that will last long.

The tough satin finish further adds to the durability of this gizmo.

You get 600 millimeters capacity from this one, enough for short as well as some long rides out there. 

Good to use in hot days, the water you keep in this bottle will help you stay hydrated even if you sweat a lot. 


  • Good quality bottle made of lightweight aluminum
  • Food-grade coating in the interior is rated antibacterial


  • We wish the capacity were a little higher

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